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Bob Salo

Burlington, ON


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In my travels around the world I am always on the lookout for interesting subject matter. As a professional videographer, cameraman and a graphic design graduate of the Ontario College Of Art In Toronto Ontario, I have acquired a large of amount of visual elements that I can later combine and use in interesting ways to express what I felt at the time I captured that perfect moment with my camera. I enjoy searching for new material and can't wait to get back home to explore the new potential that computer technology has brought to creative expression.. All my work is original throughout the combined medias I use and completely hand painted and executed by use of the electronic pen and a wacom tablet. The incredible brushes that can be assigned to this pen can simulate the painting feel and action of watercolor, oils, pastels, you name it but the expression itself is still in the control of the hand and the eye of the creator for the enjoyment of the beholder.

Sadly, Bob passed away on March 20th, 2014 but the Salo family is keeping his art site open in his memory.
To see my commercial video productions please visit my video website


my studio by Bob Salo


Amish Carriage by Bob Salo


Mariane by Bob Salo


Labadee Beach by Bob Salo


Luc by Bob Salo



phillipe by Bob Salo


the boatmen by Bob Salo


small business by Bob Salo


classic by Bob Salo




doing the laundry by Bob Salo


Rebirth by Bob Salo


Country Ride by Bob Salo


Value Your Children by Bob Salo


Brining It Home To Mom by Bob Salo


RECALL by Bob Salo


every child by Bob Salo


Thistle- Teasel Design by Bob Salo


dragonfly garden by Bob Salo


The Rocks Of The Bay by Bob Salo


Achill Island - West Coast Ireland by Bob Salo


The Canadian Wild by Bob Salo


Haitian Beauty by Bob Salo


To Laugh Again by Bob Salo


The Piper by Bob Salo